Emma ReadScientific Consultant

Since joining the CS Executive Group in June 2019, Emma has developed her skills as a Regulatory Scientist, consulting with keys clients locally and internationally. Emma completed her postdoctoral fellowship in the Manufacturing Flagship of CSIRO, interested in photocatalytic organic reactions using perfect broadband absorber nanostructures and plasmonic nanoparticles.

She received her PhD in physical organic chemistry at the University of Melbourne where she developed expertise in free radical reactions initiated by oxidative electron transfer. In addition to this, Emma was the elected Health and Safety Representative for the Bio21 Molecular Science and Technology Institute and a member of the Faculty of Science Environment Health & Safety committee, University of Melbourne.

She is a Past-President of the Chemistry Postgraduate Society and was on the organising committee of the Bio21 Institute’s Careers Symposium.  Emma has several years of experience as an academic teacher, as a laboratory demonstrator and she was appointed chief of the first-year undergraduate examination marking in the School of Chemistry. She was invited to give an oral presentation at the 11th International Symposium on Free Radicals in Berne, Switzerland on her PhD work where she was the only female and student speaker. Emma obtained her Bachelor of Science, Degree with Honours in 2011 from the University of Melbourne.

Emma gained valuable knowledge working at the Bio21 Institute in chemical compliance, finance, and administrative roles. Emma is a Chartered Member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and enjoys connecting with scientists from industry and academia.

Through these experiences Emma has gained a diverse and unique skill set to deliver exceptional results as a Scientific Consultant. Outside of work, Emma enjoying surfing, yoga, and spending time with friends and family.