Pre-Employment Safety Assessment - Safety in the Laboratory

Safety in the laboratory is an individual and personal responsibility, as well as a manager’s duty. Staff training should be directed towards making safety considerations an attitude of mind and an integral part of all work procedures.

No document can ensure safe practice within the workplace. Safety is dependant on the:

  • quality of the previous training and experience of its employees;
  • testing and labeling of the chemicals which are available;
  • design and maintenance of the physical facilities of the workplace; and.
  • reliability and safety of the equipment provided.

This course is written with the aim of making staff aware of the potential hazards involved with chemicals in the workplace and to instill in them the need to think about what they are doing.

Therefore, it is essential that all staff be made aware that the use of chemicals and equipment in a work environment is potentially dangerous. Staff should take all possible steps to minimise and guard against accidents and adopt safe work practices at all times. It is important that all laboratory staff adopt a new analytical psychology. This psychology necessitates them becoming totally aware of the work process they are performing and understanding the techniques and chemicals they are using, to minimise the chances of human error.

Course Outline

  • Safety In The Laboratory - Topic 1.1
  • Safety In The Laboratory - Topic 1.2
  • Safety In The Laboratory - Topic 1.3