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Agriculture and Environment

The agricultural sector continues to evolve with various factors affecting the industry such as automation of processes, biotechnological advances, environmental issues, complex regulatory requirements and a number of takeovers between chemical manufacturers. Coping relatively well, the sector is on the lookout for top talent to help them meet their ever-changing strategies and goals.

Issues such as climate change/global warming, depletion of natural resources, recycling, and increased pollution are some of the topics that have led to the general population, government and industry developing views in areas such as the environment, natural resources, and sustainable management. New technology, processes, and legislative change are all required to address these concerns.

From Senior Agronomists to Global Quality and Marketing Managers to Environmental Specialists and Researchers, our Executive Recruiters can assist you source individuals that are well-rounded and possess relevant knowledge and experience, global or local. Importantly, candidates that have a high degree of motivation, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, leadership qualities and ability to take ownership of projects.

Communication, Marketing & Sales

In our fast-paced daily lives, clear communication to the specific target audience will continue to be paramount for building and retaining brand loyalty. The role of Communications and Marketing is becoming more and more refined, including the mechanisms for measuring effectiveness through to buyer adoption. Likewise Sales is becoming more sophisticated, whilst still retaining the traditional people skills of active listening and ability to partner with both clients and customers.

We operate in B2B Commercial roles as our business has expanded in providing our executive search to specialty Manufacturing businesses. Roles are more than just the technical ability to prepare strategy and define outcomes required, as accountability for real results often suits with the Commercial team, and the ability to influence indirectly across other functions in the business to achieve these results is a key personal characteristic of star performers.

CS Executive Group is passionate about finding candidates for roles that have sound judgment, drive, and influence that will make a difference for the companies that are serious about business performance whilst having fun making it happen.

Construction & Engineering

As our major cities continue to grow, so does the demand for housing, accommodation, hospitals, and infrastructure. The positive news is that the private sector and governments locally and nationally will look at investing to keep up with demand. In order to complete multi-billion dollar projects such as for example, the Metro Rail Tunnel in Melbourne or the WestConnex in Sydney companies in Australia will need to employ highly qualified personnel within the construction and engineering sectors.

Our industry knowledge, talent mapping, and talent pooling allow our Recruiters to tap into resources that will identify the best possible candidates. Our successful partnerships with many local, national and global companies on major projects enable us to effectively assist with placements. Whether you are looking for a Project Director or a highly qualified graduate, we have a proven track record to supply your company with the best possible options available in the market.

Dairy, Food & Beverage

Feeding safe and nutritious food to consumers has continued to be highlighted in the media, along with authentic tastes and hyper-regional influences a growing trend. In this backdrop, large industry players continue to strengthen their positions with Mergers & Acquisitions and a strong innovation agenda, although it is the Small to Medium Enterprises who are attempting to get scale by quickly launching new products and are arguably proving to be more nimble towards consumer trends.

Farm Gate pricing will continue to squeeze manufacturers of commodities, thus making further value adding operations one of the keys to future business success. This means that manufacturing businesses in the Dairy, Food & Beverage sectors will continue to invest in processes to make new product and to ensure maximum value from their inputs, which in turn means people with strong technical abilities will continue to be in demand. Roles in Manufacturing, Engineering, Product Development, Quality Assurance, Food Safety, Compliance, Process Development & Regulatory Affairs will continue to have openings, although in general with small remuneration progression.

Our client base has grown in this sector across multinational and local manufacturers and includes Government positions.

Government, Research & Academia

Government, Research and Academia seem to go hand-in-hand as one influences the other. We see a number of educational institutions expand into regional and overseas markets to increase their reach by offering courses to students who cannot travel. We see researchers pushing for more government funding to ensure their specialised research continues and the government trying to ascertain the best way to spend whatever money they have – through their own research channels, academia or research facilities.

Having been a preferred supplier of talent solutions to many government, research and academic institutions since the early 1990s, we understand the complexity associated with these sectors and can guide both hiring representatives and candidates through the complexities of such appointments successfully and discretely.

Human Resources, OH&S

Human Resources is rapidly changing due to advancements in digital technology, becoming more focused on innovation and the use of cloud-based systems to facilitate an improved work experience for employees.

The notion of career is also changing with today’s employees switching jobs many times looking for better life-work balance, upskilling, career progression and flexible workplaces. Due to this, businesses are seeing a need to redesign organisations and ensure their company culture sustains employee engagement and retention.

In today’s world, Workplace Health and Safety has become an integral part of every workplace process and policy. It has taken on a prominence that a few people would have seen even ten years ago. Everyone is entitled to expect a safe working environment where there is a minimised potential for a hazard becoming a reality. This has meant, that people working in this area need to develop a very specialised and comprehensive skill set in a diverse number of areas.

Having an understanding of WH&S requirements through our Recruitment and Consulting Divisions, CS Executive Group has developed extensive knowledge in respect to the types of skills and personnel that are expected in these demanding roles. Our expertise spans across industries such as manufacturing, research, life sciences, chemicals, government regulatory bodies, construction and engineering to name a few.

Life Sciences & Biotechnology

Biotech companies are seeing an increase in investment activity due to a significant growth of specialty drugs and a higher focus on personalised medicine. Future spending levels will vary greatly among developed and developing countries. Regardless, significant opportunities exist in the global marketplace with spending growth expected to increase as companies continue looking for innovative ways of improving technology and introducing alternative drugs.

CS Executive Group has been providing global recruitment solutions to the Life Sciences and Biotechnology sectors for several decades. Our experienced Recruitment Consultants, who are qualified in their fields and have come from industry, utilise their in-depth technical knowledge to source the best and most suitable talent for your business.

Manufacturing, Procurement & Logistics

The value chain has seen a continual increase in technology to gather data and automate processes. Cultural changes in the workforce in terms of Lean Manufacturing and team activities to achieve controllable cost minimization are at the forefront of business requirements in this sector. With increasing transparency in commodity prices, well-rehearsed tendering processes and balanced supplier scorecards, Procurement roles are becoming more specialised to industry categories to ensure that contract management and inventory management is well maintained. Warehousing, Freight and Transport Management continue to be a driver of Customer focus related measures, and roles that require great organisational skills and attention to detail remain key to this sector.

CS Executive Group operates across a range of industries, from Crop, Food & Beverage to Natural Therapies, Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals. We also proudly support the Government with public sector roles such as Department of Defence as well as Multinationals in areas such as surface coating manufacturing and Food production.

Oil, Energy & Engineering

Just as the oil crisis in the 70’s lead to major investments and developments in alternative energies and fuels, we are now seeing population growth, industrial changes in developed and developing countries, community expectation and the like demanding/leading to changes in the energy market place. These changes are being influenced by factors such as economics, environmental concerns, and technological advances. A consequence of this is an increase in demand for specialist technical knowledge in the Oil, Energy and Engineering sectors.

With Senior Consultants having worked for many years in and with these sectors, CS Executive Group can offer specialist services in these areas on a global level. With our intimate knowledge of the industry and our extensive network of both global and local clients, many of whom were ex-CS Executive candidates/placements, we are well placed to source those non-routine and specialist applicants that are required in these demanding roles.

Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Cosmetics

The pharmaceutical market has long been the backbone of the life sciences sector but shifts in the market are forcing scientists, executives, regulatory bodies, healthcare officials and pharmaceutical investors to rethink their business strategy to remain profitable. Partnerships between technology companies and drug makers have resulted in new “smart” products paving the way for new roles requiring specialist skills.

The Nutraceutical & Cosmetics Industry is well placed to experience significant growth. The main drivers include ageing baby-boomers, increased discretionary income in the West and the growing middle classes in developing countries such as China and Brazil which are turning into huge, emerging markets. Increasing consumer preferences towards the use of natural cosmetic products have seen manufacturers implementing new strategies to meet consumers’ preferences.

CS Executive Group operates from offices in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, London and New York and has experience in providing recruitment services to national and international companies since the late 1980s. Our extensive industry knowledge of the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetics sectors is complemented by our engagement in regulatory affairs and compliance through with our Consulting Division.

Our Executive Consultants have access to a very comprehensive candidate database containing a wide diversity of local and international talent accumulated over several decades. With their far-reaching professional networks and global industry contacts, you can depend on our Executive Consultants to source the best and most suitable talent to meet your company’s specialised recruitment needs.

Retail, Administration & Office Support

Although brick and mortar is still the preferred shopping format for the purchasing of goods, we have seen a surge in online retailing which has meant traditional retailers have needed to diversify their business models to address this. Also, due to a growing customer awareness, it has been necessary for retailers to focus increasingly in the area of customer service and liaison. Companies that have been quick to react and adopt e-retailing through offering innovative services and products have been extremely successful. Regardless, both scenarios have seen the need for more staff to meet their growing needs.

Administration & Office Support staff are becoming increasingly important to businesses in today’s world. Companies require staff that are flexible and often, able to operate in different time zones and countries. Job responsibilities are also evolving due to changes in technology including an understanding and experience of diverse online functions. Due to this, there is some flexibility to work from home. We are also seeing a trend towards the need for staff to be more qualified.

With offices in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, London and New York we can service your recruitment needs globally. At CS Executive, we take pride in partnering with our clients, providing advice and solutions to cater to their ever-changing needs. Our Consultants are both qualified and experienced within their disciplines. This is a crucial factor in being able to understand your recruitment needs, the position description and in sourcing the right talent for your business.

Science, Technology & Engineering

ChemSkill, a business unit of CS Executive Group has been recruiting for companies in the Science, Technology & Engineering space for more than twenty-five years. Continuous technological advancements in this area have improved productivity and levels of service. Good talent with specialist skills is and continues to be hard to source, so global databases are now used frequently by internal and external talent acquisition teams to fill roles.

All our Recruiters have work experience and qualifications in the areas that they work in and as such, they understand the technical and scientific parameters associated with roles in this sector. The importance of this experience is reflected in their extensive networks and relationship building capabilities enabling them to fill the most demanding roles for clients globally.