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We can assist in retaining valued, skilled team members and ending employment with a compassionate and supportive approach that addresses the best interests of all parties.

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We have a range of Outplacement services that can help you look after the people that looked after your business.

  • A tailored approach to individual, industry and company profiling.
  • Job campaign management
  • Electronic distribution of resumes to recruiters and target organisations.
  • Access to a powerful collection of Recruitment resources.
  • Convenient office locations in Melbourne and Sydney, providing administrative support.

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Career Training

Organise for our consultant to provide career training and consultation for your employees, to propel them into their future careers.

Resume Distribution and Targeting

When going through a restructure, it is important to show your employees you care. Do this by using our resume distribution and targeting services that dramatically increase your ex-employees chances of finding new work quickly and efficiently.

Exit Interviews

Get insight as to why someone may be leaving your workplace. CS Executive Group can conduct Exit Interviews on your Company’s behalf and provide you with a summary report of the findings.

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