Exit Interviews

Gain insight on how to retain valuable team members.

Exit Interviews are an invaluable tool in finding out the true reason for an employee’s resignation. They act as a means to investigate and gather information relating to various aspects of the workplace environment and help to determine future actions that a company may like to take.

At CS Executive, we act as an independent body, so as to achieve maximum benefit from an Exit Interview.  We offer to perform the one-on-one interviews either at our premises or on your site as face-to-face meetings. We can also conduct Exit interviews by telephone, which whilst reducing the information garnered due to a lack of non-verbal cues, becomes a more economic method – as there is a substantial reduction in overheads (eg travel time, our facilities).

CS Executive works closely with you to custom design Exit Interview Services to meet the unique and specific needs of the company.

CS Executive’s Consultants have experience in career transition at all levels and hence are able to engage your ex-employees in an efficient and non-intrusive manner.

At the conclusion of the interview (s), we will then compile a report for your Company with the key themes and suggestions for any areas of your business that needs to be acted upon.

What are the benefits of conducting an Exit-Interview?

  • Establish the true reasons behind an employee resignation.
  • Identify areas for improvement.  Eg. Management, career development, staff teamwork etc.
  • Identify sources of job dissatisfaction.
  • Employees are more likely to part company on good terms.

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