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About CS Contract Hire

A Premier Australian-Owned and Managed Contract Company Connecting Talent with Opportunities Since 1988

CS Contract Hire is a division of CS Executive Group dedicated to the provision of professional contract staff for a diverse range of industries.

Established in 1988 by Helen J Patronis under the name ChemSkill, we became a leader in servicing the scientific industry’s highly specific employment requirements covering permanent and contract placements. With every client’s unique needs handled with considered, adaptable, quality service, ChemSkill’s repeat business was consistently at the highest level.

In November 2015, we launched CS Executive Group to acknowledge our growth and the official expansion of our capabilities in the provision of professional staff into fields beyond Science & Technology. Due to continued growth in the area of contract placements, we launched CS Contract Hire dedicated to the continued provision of a reliable, responsible and detail-focused service to clients and job seekers, across the private and public sectors. We offer unparalleled expertise in providing contract staffing solutions tailored to your precise needs, spanning from entry-level positions to executive roles. With over 35 years of experience in recruitment, we excel in sourcing and placing both Executive and non-Executive candidates for any contract duration, whether it’s a short-term assignment or a long-term contract. For example, a senior HR Manager to cover long service leave on a contract basis, or a Quality Control Officer to fill a 12-month Maternity Leave role. Our extensive network and large database of both active and passive candidates enable us to swiftly recommend the right person, ensuring your vacancies are filled promptly and with the right talent.

From nurturing early-career professionals to sourcing top-tier executive talent, we understand the need for a quick turnaround. Our Consultants possess the skills and insights needed to match your requirements under tight time constraints. Whether you need to fill a junior contract role or an executive contract position, our commitment ensures that we deliver results that exceed your expectations every time. Trust us to be your strategic partner in fulfilling your contract staffing needs seamlessly and efficiently. Our expertise spans various job types:

Accounting and Finance Production & Quality Assurance Agriculture & Environment
Human Resources – Managers, Partners, Assistants Occupational, Health & Safety Logistic & Supply Chain
Sales, Administration and Marketing Support Manufacturing – QA, QC, R&D, Quality System Specialists, etc Pharmaceutical, Healthcare & Regulatory Affairs
Engineering – Material, Chemical, Electrical, Material, Mechanical Scientific and Technical – Chemists, Microbiologists, Biotechnologists, Laboratory Technicians etc Information Technology & Project Management

Our Recruiters understand the specific requirements of each role having worked in various industry sectors. They will facilitate the contract recruitment process by matching top-tier candidates to your job specifications

What is Contract & Labour Hire

A Labour Hire arrangement is where the labour hire agency (CS Executive Group) enters an agreement with the host employer (the candidate’s workplace) to engage a candidate on short term or non-ongoing basis. An agreement is also established between CS Executive Group and the candidate. The candidate becomes an on-hire employee of the labour hire agency, which looks after all payroll requirements. No agreement is put in place between the host workplace and the on-hire employee.

As the company usually requires the candidate to commence as soon as possible, the recruitment process occurs quite quickly to meet the client’s needs.

Payroll Services – What Are The Benefits?

CS Contract Hire’s Payroll Services is highly beneficial to businesses wanting to streamline administrative tasks such as payroll, taxes, and benefits management, and can be an excellent time-saving option. In addition to the routine payment of wages, CS Contract Hire handles compliance responsibilities including Superannuation, Payroll Tax, Workcover, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance.  CS Contract Hire also ensures that employees are paid in accordance with the applicable Award and that they receive legislative pay increases in a timely manner.  CS Contract Hire offers automated Online Timesheets for ease of use for all parties.

Engaging external Payroll Services, such as through CS Contract Hire, may also benefit smaller businesses who don’t yet have sufficient staff to manage payroll on their own.

Why Use Contract & Labour Hire

Our Contract & Labour Hire division is utilised widely across Australia by businesses in both the Private and Public Sector. Whether you have a maternity / paternity role to fill, or need to engage someone over a busy period, this approach gives both businesses and candidates the opportunity to assess the cultural fit within an organisation. A standard 24-hour notice period applies to both the business and the candidate.

Labour Hire Licenses

CS Executive Group maintains licenses in states and territories where this is a requirement.

How Does Contract & Labour Hire Work?

When a company chooses to engage a candidate on a contract basis, we understand the importance of a quick turnaround. Depending on the role, it can take from one day to one week to fulfill your contract requirements. Our Candidate Database, implemented in 1988, is home to an enormous number of both active and passive job seekers. To ensure an efficient selection process, the database classifies candidates according to criteria such as skills, experience, working rights, availability, and location.

All candidates that we present to the company for consideration will be fully screened.

What happens next?

The selected candidate is set up on CS Executive Group’s payroll and becomes our employee on an on-hire basis. The on-hire employee is paid an hourly rate, plus a 25% casual loading, to cater for leave entitlements (including public holidays, personal leave, and annual leave) plus the legislated superannuation. Their rate of pay depends on factors such as the position requirements and their qualifications and experience, according to the applicable Award.

The links to the Awards that CS Executive Group currently employs candidates under are shown below:


There is no recruitment fee (or advertising / search charges) when engaging a candidate through our labour hire division. Businesses pay only for the hours that the on-hire employee works. The charge rate to the business covers the following:

  • Contractor / On-hire employee hourly pay rate
  • Superannuation – calculated on the employee’s casual hourly rate
  • Payroll Tax (calculated on the hourly rate plus superannuation)
  • WorkCover – calculated on the hourly rate plus superannuation
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Contract administration overheads

Online Timesheets

The on-hire employee must submit weekly timesheets for sign off by their hiring manager. Both the hiring manager and the on-hire employee will be granted access to the automated CS Executive Group On-Hire Employee Hub – where the employee will enter their hours, generating an automatic notification for the hiring manager to review/approve through the Hub. No need for printing or emailing.

Converting your Candidate from On-Hire Employee to Permanent

If Host Employers decide they would like to directly employ the on-hire employee, this is known as a Conversion. In the case of a conversion, a one-off Recruitment Fee will apply as per your proposal with CS Executive Group. The longer the on-hire employee has been at the host workplace, the, the lower the recruitment fee will be, as shown in the table below. For example, if an on-hire employee has been on a 6-month assignment, the recruitment fee will be reduced by 50%.

Conversion Charge Rates

Duration of Contract Recruitment Fee (Per Proposal)
0 – 3 months Full Recruitment Fee
3 – 6 months Recruitment Fee reduced by 25%
6 – 9 months Recruitment Fee reduced by 50%
9 – 12 months Recruitment Fee reduced by 75%
12 months No fee

Experience the Difference with Our Contracting Team

| Flexibility | Cost Efficiency | Specialised Skills | Immediate Availability | Risk Mitigation |

With more than 35 years of experience providing contract staff, our dedicated recruitment consultants and administration staff at CS Contract Hire are here to provide expert guidance and support throughout your assignment. We understand the importance of quick placements – the sooner we connect you with talented professionals, the sooner they can start making a real impact on your team.

As your reliable business ally, you have the opportunity to harness the expertise and resources of an Australian owned national recruitment company. By partnering with us, you gain instant access to our experienced team, and gain access to our extensive database of highly skilled and experienced candidates, ensuring swift and successful recruitment outcomes.

If you are seeking a contract recruitment agency with genuine expertise to expedite your hiring process, contact CS Contract Hire by calling our Head Office on 03 9516 0100. One of our friendly consultants will assist you with your enquiry. Alternatively, you can email info@csexecgroup.com.

If you are a job seeker wishing to register for contract roles, please follow this link.








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