Top Most In-Demand Skills in Australia 2021

The world and the workplace are constantly changing. The skills that were in high demand a few years ago today may not be as valuable. From the point of view of the candidate, the only way to stay competitive in the market is by analysing and following new career trends.

Whether you are just thinking ahead or looking for a career change as soon as possible our list of in-demand skills in Australia in 2021 will tell you what you can do to increase your chances of finding a one-of-a-kind job. For your convenience the list is divided into two categories: soft and hard skills.

Important Soft Skills 2021

Soft skills are underestimated by some job seekers. This is not the right attitude as they are what distinguishes you from the competition.
Both soft and hard skills work together for your career advancement. Your hard skills are the reason for your interview, while your soft skills are what allows you to shine when meeting your prospective employer. In brief, you need them all to get hired.

One of LinkedIn’s vice-presidents, Feon Ang has enumerated 5 soft skills which she finds are missing in employees. Such soft skills are hard to find for businesses all around the world, not only in Australia. Her list of crucial skills you should consider developing includes:

One. Critical thinking / Problem solving

Critical thinking means that you know how to examine a problem in a structured way. You should be able to collect data or do research to gather information about a given issue. Then your critical thinking should allow you to analyse it, consider different solutions, and arrive at the most appropriate one. If the solution proves inadequate, you should be able to identify what has gone wrong and adjust your strategy as required.

Two. Adaptability / Flexibility

The year 2020 was one of the most surprising years for workplaces. Quick solutions to the crisis were implemented by managers globally. A rapid, unexpected move to remote work was not easy on workers of all levels of seniority.

It is true that Australia has been dealing with the virus particularly well. However, the previous year is a great reminder of how important it is for employees to be flexible and able to adapt to the unexpected. Changes at a smaller scale require the same skill set.

Three. Communication

Communication is without doubt one of the most in-demand skills in Australia. Many problems in a workplace are the result of people lacking these skills.
Subordinates need to be able to communicate their questions, doubts or limitations to their supervisors. Managers have to explain clearly what they want done to see the desired results from the team.

Four. Leadership

Leadership is one of these skills which is considered crucial solely for the management. However, having more people with leadership skills can help the team work more effectively. In every company there are situations when during group projects someone needs to take charge.

The lack of ownership and reluctance to decide often leads to projects not being completed. To avoid micromanagement from supervisors leadership skills are needed across the board.

Five. Innovation and creativity

There is a reason why companies adhere to certain rules and protocols. Having said that, every company requires new solutions and improvements to grow.
Employees who are full of ideas help the company thrive. Someone who fits a pencil pusher stereotype will not get far in the modern workplace.

Hard Skills to Acquire in 2021

Blockchain skills are particularly relevant for developers, but they matter in other tech jobs too. The details of how blockchain work may seem complicated to a lay person. In brief, they relate to data security which is why they are often associated with cyber currencies.

A blockchain specialist is an occupation in demand in Australia and all around the world. You should consider different ways of learning about blockchain, especially if you are technology-oriented.

Two. Data Analytics

Data analytics is the way of analysing unprocessed data so that conclusions can be drawn. This skill has been gaining importance in the job market for a few years now. Courses and degrees in this field have been springing up like mushrooms.

Depending on your background, learning data analytics may require a fair amount of additional learning. At the same time, data analysts will not disappear from the list of professions in demand in Australia anytime soon.

Three. Cloud computing

You probably have been using cloud storage for a while now, both in your professional and in your personal life. Having the right skills to manage cloud systems is likely to give you an increase in salary, if you already work in tech.

Four. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence joining the workforce in various roles is simply a reality. This sector will be developing in the upcoming years. Professionals skilled in artificial intelligence and machine learning have a great future ahead of them.

Five. UX Design

Another occupation in demand in Australia is UX (User Experience) Design. This is an emerging field that is quickly gaining importance across industries.

The world is becoming more and more user-oriented. It is enough to see what the new Google Algorithm is focused on to confirm that it is true. Becoming a UX designer may be just the right choice for your new career direction.

Not all professions in demand in Australia have made it to this list. However, the ones enumerated are particularly worth considering. Some of them are relatively new, but it is evident that related skills will be a reliable source of work for years to come.

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