What is the Role of a Scientific Recruitment Agency?

Many companies rely on tested methods of trying to find the right candidates for their vacancies. Internal, word-of-mouth, social media search, and job postings can all be helpful to attract new employees who meet all requirements.

At the same time, businesses and HR representatives looking for new hires in sciences should be aware of the scientific skills shortage in the Australian job market. This makes the candidate search more intricate. 

When the hunt is proving more difficult than expected it may be a good idea to contact one of the scientific recruitment agencies. What is its role in the recruitment process? We will provide an answer to this question today.

What are Scientific Recruitment Agencies?

A scientific recruitment agency is a recruitment business with professional scientific recruiters. These specialists do not necessarily have a degree in a given industry, but they have to understand its needs. This is achieved by years of recruitment experience in a given sector.

Specialised recruiters know where to look for the right candidates. Once they find them, they have the right skills to check whether they are a good fit for a given position. Recruiters value clients’ time so they will not introduce them to matches they do not consider suitable. 

Industry-specific recruiters also know what a candidate for a given position can reasonably expect. That is why recruiters can advise businesses on whether what they are offering is market relevant. The search for a candidate with scarce skills is likely to be fruitless if the offer is not attractive enough.

Our consultants, at CS Executive, are tertiary qualified within their discipline with experience in the industry varying from five to more than twenty years. Our recruiters’ diversified experience is a crucial factor in being able to understand that every client has different requirements enabling CS Executive Group to facilitate a quick, yet appropriate, response to all requests.

What is the Role of a Scientific Recruiter?

Due to their knowledge and expertise scientific recruitment agencies will find the right candidates for your business. This means that after you provide them with the job specifications they are going to share the posting with their network. That is the basic scientific recruitment agency role, but what they do does not end there.

Recruiters may also reach out to candidates who look promising through professionally oriented social media networks such as LinkedIn.
Searching for scientific talent through the means of headhunting is another common way of finding senior talent. That someone is not actively looking for a job does not necessarily mean they are not interested in an attractive offer should they be presented with one. This process, however, is very time-consuming which is why it is better when it is handled by an external specialist.

Your scientific recruitment agency’s role is also to keep you updated about the developments in the search process. They will only present the candidates to you, when they are happy with them. You should trust their judgment in that respect. By the time you meet a candidate, they would have already been interviewed in person or telephonically by a scientific recruiter.

The fact that an external recruiter communicates with candidates saves you a lot of time. Anyone can apply to your job posting online, whether they are qualified for the position or not. This means that you need to spend time reviewing many applications that can simply be a waste of time.

The beauty of working with a specialised agency is that they will do the job of sieving through applications for you. So if someone not suitably qualified gets in touch with the recruiters, you will never hear about them.

What’s Beyond the Role of an Agency?

An agency can advise you on certain qualities of your job posting. They may also give you some hints about your expectations. They cannot decide for you what qualities you should look for in a candidate. You are the person who knows your business the best.

Your scientific recruiter can organise all the interviews for you as well as take care of the background checks. They can not be the sole interviewer for a given position, you need to conduct interviews internally too. At the end of the process, as much as recruiters may advise you, the decision on which candidate you should choose rests with you.

You can also ask the agency you are working with to negotiate salaries and start dates. Both can be quite a tricky matter in the sciences due to the high demand for workers with these skills. Especially experienced candidates can have high salary expectations and ungenerous notice periods. As much as a recruiter can help you with handling such issues, they cannot work miracles.

Why Choose CS Executive as Your Scientific Recruiting Specialist?

CS Executive is a respected scientific recruitment agency recruiting across Australia and New Zealand. We have been fine-tuning our prime staffing solutions since 1988. Over thirty years of experience in recruiting for sciences is a testament to our ability to find candidates in all niches and for every contract.

Are you looking for someone who has just recently joined the industry to upskill them? Do you prefer to invest in individuals with years and years of experience and proven track record? Whatever your needs are, we will make sure to satisfy them.

Our clients are more than happy with our scientific recruitment agency role in the process of finding the best talent. That is because our personalised approach gives us time to learn about your business. We make sure that we understand your requirements and desires well before we start searching for candidates.

Our success in finding ideal hires has to do with the fact that we know where to look for them. We advertise each role, at a minimum, on the CS Executive website, SEEK and LinkedIn. Any applications that come through are reviewed against your specific criteria. You also gain access to our extensive database of professional scientific networks.

Remember that the faster you start looking, the quicker you will fill your vacancies. Do not let your competitors snatch the best people! Contact one of our offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Canberra and find perfect employees with us.

Taking the "risk" "cost" "stress" out of hiring.

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