How to Prepare for a Virtual Job Interview

Virtual interviews may seem novel, but in truth they have been conducted for some time now. For instance, it has been a method used for interviewing candidates relocating from other countries for many years. Remote work arrangements also called for virtual interviews even before 2020.

With the coronavirus pandemic the need for online interviews has increased. Anyone among job seekers at the moment simply needs to be prepared for a virtual interview. This blog post is a compilation of all the things to know before attending one.

How to Prepare for Virtual Interviews

When preparing for a virtual interview there is a number of things to keep in mind:

  • Anticipate Questions

A good interviewer will ask you some questions you could not have anticipated. While this is true, there are some questions that will almost certainly appear during the process.
Common interview questions include asking about you, your strengths and weaknesses, and future plans. Contemplate such questions before the interview to provide answers well-suited to a given position.

Even when you are participating in a virtual interview you should not be tempted to have notes with you. Remember that your interviewers will focus on your face, with very few other things visible on the screen. Looking sideways to read your notes will leave a poor impression.

  • Dress Well

Dressing well is extremely important. You should look neat and respectful. Dressing overly formal is usually a better idea than dressing too casual. The only exception are certain creative jobs, when dressing with a degree of nonchalance or eccentricity can be someone’s business card.

While preparing for a virtual job interview you should also keep in mind that your interviewer will not see your whole body. That is the reason to pay particular attention to your shirt and anything worn on the upper part of the body.
You should consider taking a picture of yourself from your computer’s camera before the interview to make sure that the clothes you have chosen look appropriate.

  • Gather Information About the Company

When doing research try to learn as much as possible about the company. Focus on the aspects of their operations you appreciate and the reasons why you would be a suitable employee for them.
Last but not least, prepare queries about the company for the last part of the interview, when it is your turn to ask questions. Having notes at that stage could be a positive sign of you being prepared.

  • Be Prepared, But Do Not Memorise Answers

Being prepared is important but being overly prepared gives a bad impression. If you memorise answers to common questions, your performance may strike your interviewers as overly rehearsed and artificial.
Learning by heart also puts you at risk of forgetting the script. Prevent your mind from going blank by relying on the words that appear spontaneously during the interview.

  • Be In Control of Your Body Language

Preparing for a virtual job interview requires learning how to control your body. An online appointment allows for hiding certain issues related to stressful situations such as nervous leg tapping. After all, the interviewers will not be able to see that.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks of online interviews. Your interviewers will focus more on what they can notice. This means your facial expressions and your upper body should be even more controlled than during a regular interview.

  • Test Your Internet Connection

You should check whether your devices are charged and test your connection before the interview starts. It is an element of preparation which is simply crucial.
Blaming the technology, should things go wrong, will jeopardise the effort of presenting yourself as a capable and resourceful professional. Take the following steps for a seamless interview:

1. Organise a test call with a friend
2. Test your microphone and camera
3. Close anything on your computer that is not related to the interview
4. Temporarily block notifications so that you are not distracted and switch off your mobile phone
5. Make sure that you know how to access / use the platform designated for the interview

  • Make Your Surroundings Presentable

Your interviewers know you are connecting from home. This means you do not have to introduce drastic changes to your surroundings.
In fact, decorations and certain personal items can serve as a conversation starter for small talk. Having said that, ensure adequate lightning and tidiness of your surroundings.

Preparing for a Virtual Interview with CS Executive

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