Can Recruitment Agencies Help You Find Graduate Jobs?

For people who are approaching graduation or who have just graduated, finding a job is a priority. It doesn’t matter whether you’re someone who already has some work experience or you’ve spent your time at university focusing on your studies. Finding a job with minimal or no work experience isn’t an easy task. 

The process can be overwhelming. That’s why many people turn to recruitment agencies to help them look for graduate jobs. Can they really help? We’ll explore this question in our blog post.

How Does a Recruitment Agency Work?

A recruitment agency is a business that looks for the right candidates on behalf of companies. As their goal is to find the appropriate matches, they help both the job seekers and enterprises. The services provided by a recruitment agency differ but can include recruitment only or professional coaching and education too.

It’s important to remember that a recruitment agency is different from an employment agency. A recruitment agency is an intermediary. Once you’re hired by a company their job is over. On the other hand, an employment agency becomes the employer of a candidate successfully placed in a given company.

What Can a Recruitment Agency Do For Graduates?

Recruitment agencies are placement specialists. That means that they know what kind of jobs you should realistically apply for with your education and experience.
Many young people applying for graduate jobs can’t objectively evaluate themselves. They feel either overly confident or on the contrary, doubt themselves too much.

Recruiters can help you assess your strengths and weaknesses. It’s in their interest to connect you with the right employers. You can expect them to put you on their database and suggest matching vacancies.

Some graduate recruitment agencies also offer to teach you how to enhance your CV, write your motivation letters or perform on interviews.

What You Can’t Expect from an Agency

An agency can help you find work but it will likely take time. It all depends on what you’re graduating in and your previous work experience. Some graduates face a lot of competition when applying for their first positions, while others are sought after. You should have some idea about the market and prepare accordingly.

Unfortunately, agencies don’t work miracles so you may have to be patient in your search. It can take you as a graduate three to six months to find your first employment.
Your performance in interviews is also crucial. Some agencies can coach you but you need to put your own effort into working on interpersonal skills, confidence and manners.

Do you know, you’re in a highly competitive field or becoming financially independent is crucial to you? You should gain some experience before your graduation. Programs such as CS Executive’s Uni-Works allow you to get work experience and earn money, while you’re still a student. This is a great opportunity to get a head start on your graduate career.

Choosing the Right Graduate Recruitment Agency

A specialised graduates recruitment agency is a rarity. However, you can focus on agencies that have some experience with finding work for graduates. Good recruiters understand that as much as you need a job, you want it to be in line with your studies. 

Agencies with decent experience in recruiting graduates also know your needs better. They’re more likely to offer coaching services for job seekers like you. Even better, if you can find an agency that specialises in finding placements in your industry.

48% of people in Agency Central’s network suggest that you should register with 2-3 agencies. This is a sweet spot between limiting yourself by putting all your eggs in one basket and wasting your time by applying too broadly.

Pro Tips for Finding Graduate Jobs

Finding help in landing your first job through specialists is a great idea. An agency can really help you if you keep the following in mind: 

  • Make Your Recruiter Remember You

Recruiters deal with many people. It’s impossible for them to remember all candidates who contact them. This is the reason why it’s so important to make a good impression on your recruiter.

You should also follow up with them regularly to check in. Of course, if they have a job for you, they will contact you themselves. Still, they may have some tips on what to do in-between to improve your CV. At the very least, they’ll remember you first when a suitable job comes up. 

  • Listen to What Your Recruiter Says

Some talented graduates feel overconfident when looking for their first job. You should accept the fact that as good as you were at university, you don’t have experience in the job market.
That’s why you’ll benefit from listening attentively to what your recruiter has to say. They have the industry experience and expertise you need to succeed in your search.

  • Don’t Abandon Independent Job Search

Bigger companies sometimes choose to search through agencies only. This means that an agency can definitely help you find a good job. Looking for it on your own as a fresh graduate is challenging, but it can pay off.

You should definitely accept any job interview that comes your way. Even if the job doesn’t seem like a great match, you need the experience. The more interviews you have, the higher the chances of impressing the interviewers when it really matters.

Landing Jobs for Graduates with CS Executive

At CS Executive we know how to help young professionals get their first jobs. With our part-time work program, Uni-Works, you can start earning money and gain experience still as a student. After graduation, we can help you find placements in many sectors such as: 

  • Government
  • Academia
  • Research
  • Engineering
  • Technology

and many more! Get in touch with our head office in Melbourne or one of our local offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra to find out how we can assist you with your search.

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