100 trees planted for every candidate placed.

How it Works

100 for 1 is a CS Executive Group initiative that is committed to planting 100 trees for every candidate placed.

We do this by partnering with Tree-nation.org, so together with our clients, we can nurture the environment like we nurture careers.

Doing our part

Planting trees reduces the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, lowers our carbon footprint, provides a habitat for wildlife to flourish, slows down erosion, and a whole lot more.

22 Benefits of Trees

Interactive Map

Global Forest Watch Map

Pink is for forest loss

Our Goal is to offset 1,400,000kg of CO2 in 2019

This is the same as or equivalent to:

300 households

Converted to using only solar power for an entire year

An Average Car

Driving for 54,000 hours non-stop


Let’s nurture a career and the environment, together.